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Weekly Update: 14th September 2019

Weekly Update: 14th September 2019
September 17, 2019 Posted by Bowl Sydney Tournament
Standing Sheet Files

Standing sheet files below are available for downloading

Div 1 Week 28 - Tenpin City - 14 September

The division bowled 4 pins under average at Tenpin City with 21 200 games and 4 600 series. The high game went to Luke McMahon 248, Robert Vamvas 247, Adam Burrows 243, reserve Ronnie Lang 233, reserve Howard Goss 228, Rob Mitreski 226, Robert Kelly 218 and Garry Graham a pair of 211’s, with David Blevins also scoring 211. The series was shared by Rob Mitreski and Adam Burrows 631, Luke McMahon 619, David Blevins 599, Robert Vamvas 596, Robert Kelly 576, Garry Graham and Ronnie Lang 575, Neil Taylor 568 and Rodney Kitley and Howard Goss 561. The ladies high game went to Helen Cios 215, 203 and 195, followed by Margaret Abdilla 192, Hayley van Bueren a pair of 185’s, Theresa Boyle 184, Jodie Terry 181, Rebeccanne Farr 178 and Amy Brown 176. The series went to Helen Cios 613, Margaret Abdilla 528, Hayley van Bueren 525, Jodie Terry 499, Samantha Batten and Melissa Webb 497, Julie Strickland 489, Rebeccanne Farr 482 and Leonie Ince and Wendy Kennedy 469.

Leaders Bowlarama Blackjacks won 12-7 and extended their lead to 16 points as Tenpin City Dark Knights won 11-8. 3rd place Bowlarama Gorillas lost 11-8 to Rooty Hill Rogues who moved up to 4th spot as Wetherill Park Guns lost 15-4 to Gosford Grenades and dropped to 5th. Strathfield 5 of a Kind won 15½- 3½ while Campbelltown City Chihuahuas scored 11 on the bye. The high game went to Gosford Grenades 937, followed by Bowlarama Blackjacks 936, Gosford Grenades again 922 and 910 and Bowlarama Gorillas 895. The series went to Gosford Grenades 2769, Strathfield 5 of a Kind 2647 and Bowlaram Blackjacks 2593.

Div 2 Week 29 - Strathfield Superbowl - 14 September

The division bowled 2 pins under average at Strathfield with 17 200 games and 2 600 series. The high game went to reserve Daniel Prince 236, Craig Beaton 231, Chris Prince 227, Tony Sutton 224, Nadim El Haddad 223, Josh Bayliss 216, Joseph Otera and Nick Frost 213, Daniel Prince again 211 and Vince Granturco 210. The ladies high game went to Angela Francis 234, Madison McCooey 227, Kay Ginger 219, Maxine Jones 201, Kathy Compton 198, Nicky Foster 196, Angela Francis again 195, Madison McCooey again and Maria Wrublewski 194 and Ros Dowton and Angela Francis again 191. The series went to Angela Francis 620, followed by Madison McCooey 584, Kathy Compton 563, reserve Lisa Love 528, Kay Ginger 525, Maria Wrublewski 517, Maxine Jones 515, Ros Dowton and Nicky Foster 485 and Marianne Keith 466. The male series went to Chris Prince 611, Daniel Prince 585, Tony Sutton 573, Craig Beaton 569, Nadim El Haddad 563, Derek Kellard 561, Nick Frost 558, reserve Peter Adams 548 and Joseph Otera 547.

Leaders Rooty Hill Rhinos won 13-6 and increased their lead to 49½ points as 2nd place Rooty Hill Strikers lost 11-8 to Campbelltown City Sixers dropping to 3rd place as Campbelltown City Sixers moved up to 4th. 3rd place Lidcombe Lynx moved into 2nd spot winning 13-6 over 4th place Bowlarama Alleycatz slipping them down to 6th. Previous 6th place Strathfield Vikings moved up to 5th winning 13-6 while Strathfield Sharks maintained their 7th spot winning 11-8. The gap between 2nd and 7th is now 12 points. Rooty Hill Explosion won 17-2 and moved up 1 spot to 11th, Wetherill Park Cobras won 13-6 and Strathfield Scorpions won 15-4. The high game went to Lidcombe Lynx 925, followed by Western Force 923 and Strathfield Sharks 920. The series went to Strathfield Sharks 2597, Rooty Hill Rhinos 2585 and Lidcombe Lynx 2554.